October 13, 2021

Should I Have a Dedicated Web Page for Each Service Offering?

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When you have a website, its important to have a clear structure that makes it easy for visitors to navigate. One important question you will have to consider is whether you should create separate pages for your services on your website.

Creating separate pages for services on your website can make it easier for visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for. It can also help to organize the information on your website for better user experience. Having separate pages for services also allows you to provide more detail about each individual service and showcase the features and benefits more clearly. This can help you to highlight the unique value of your services and increase conversions.

Creating separate pages for services also allows you to optimize each page for relevant keywords. This can help you improve your search engine rankings and increase organic traffic to your website. It is also a great way to build up your backlink profile and make your website appear more authoritative

On the downside, having separate pages for services can take up a lot of time and effort. You will need to create separate pages for each service, then write unique content for each page and optimize it for search engines. This can be a timeconsuming and daunting task. This is what we hear so often from small business owners… Sorry this is the wrong attitude, there is ample evidence that separate service pages with targeted language gives those service business the edge over their “lazy” (or ignorant) competitors.

In conclusion, creating separate pages for services on your website can be beneficial in terms of user experience, search engine optimization, and conversions. It IS worth the effort.